Sunday, 18 October 2020

Science experiments and writing with quills in Year 3!

This week in Year 3 we continued to learn about materials in Science, as well as learning more about Shakespeare in History.

It has been an interesting week in Year 3 as we have carried out investigations and activities completely new to us!

First, we used our very own quills and practised writing out a Shakespearean piece of writing with different coloured inks, this was quite a hard task but very enjoyable for everyone.

Later on in the week, we took our learning outside where we carried out an investigation around flammable objects. Year 3 watched from a distance as the teachers safely tested some of our predictions and finished our lesson by writing out our method and conclusion.

Nursery - Acorn Class go Maasai mad!

This week in Nursery (Acorn Class) we have been learning about the Maasai people. We have been learning about where they live, their jumping dances and their ornate jewellery. 

Afterwards, we did some jumping of our own and used cotton buds and paint to make our own necklaces. Take a look at our pictures below...

How to TRAP an Iron Man!

Year 4 have had a brilliant time in English over the last few weeks using Talk for Writing to learn an instructional text for ‘How to Trap an Iron Man’. We learnt about the features of instructions, including how to use imperative verbs and adverbs of manner to write sequences steps. 

Then we adapted our class text and changed it to create our own instructions. We had great fun thinking about the metal objects that might lure the Iron Man into the trap!

Miss Bethell was really impressed with our writing this week. We published our work to create our own leaflets, which parents can hopefully read at our Parents Evenings next week! 

Below are some examples of our fantastic work. Have a lovely weekend. 

Leaf collecting in Pear Class

In Reception (Pear class) this week we looked at the changes in our environment during our outdoor learning. We collected lots of different leaves and then made leaf people pictures. Here are a collection of photos of the children collecting leaves and making their leaf people. 

Achievement Assemblies on Friday

 Yet again, another week of some super choices being made in school. Please see below some of the children who have been recognised in today's Achievement Assemblies across both High Street and Manor Way sites.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Money in Year 2 (Cedar Class)

Year 2 have been learning about money in Maths this week. 

We started by identifying coins and understanding the value of each coin.

We then ordered coins from the least value to the most value.

We have even been solving word problems! We used our current value of 'cooperation' to achieve some of our learning this week. 

Year 2 FIREWORKS in Music


Year 2 have been working hard on beat and rhythm in music this term. The children have been reading rhythm patterns to stamp, and clap - as well as drumming on the table. They completed 2 or more rhythms at the same time AND have started to compose their own 2 bar rhythms.  

Later this term they are getting an online visit from out friends at the London Symphony Orchestra and will be making up a piece of music about fireworks.  They have listened to music performed by the LSO on LSO PLAY and have been discussing it using musical vocabulary.

Can you read some of our rhythms?