Friday, 15 February 2019

Yoga in Year 2 - Sycamore Tree!

Over the last half term, we have been learning different yoga poses such as the cat pose, cow pose and child's pose.

We enjoyed creating our own yoga routines and showcasing them to the class.

Here is a snippet of what we have learnt!

Can you create a new routine to show your family?

Year 2 - Sycamore Class French Day


Today was French Day at Bannockburn and in Sycamore tree, we loved learning some French words and creating some art in the style of Henri Matisse.

Here are some of the translations we learnt for you to try at home:

Hello - bonjour

I call myself... - m'appelle

GoodbyeAu revoir

Yes - oui

Thanks - merci

We loved creating collages in the style of the famous French artist, Henri Matisse.
We used scissors to cut shapes from coloured paper and stuck them down on card. We then gave our masterpieces a name and shared them with the class!

Nursery - French Day

Nursery took part in several learning choices on French Day. In our topic story, Emma Jane flies to Paris, to pick up a rooster.

We built the Eiffel Tower using interstar construction.

We made French flags using the colours blue, white and red.

We manipulated playdough to make French snails.

We balanced the pegs on top of each other.

We created French perfume in the water tray.

We painted Matisse inspired pictures.

Earlier in the week we collected sticks in Forest School and painted them red, blue and white.

We went on a stick hunt and order them by colour.
We then used the sticks to build the Eiffel Tower.

We enjoyed eating our French croissants.

Year 2 - Arctic Homework!

Our homework has been fantastic this term! Check out our Arctic igloos and shoe box dioramas!

Manor Way - New Outdoor Gym Equipment

Children at Manor way enjoying the new outdoor gym equipment that was opened this week.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Year 3 Walnut - PE

Year 3 Walnut class doing some PE this week out on the playground

Super Persuasive Writing - Acer Superstar!

We are really enjoying using Talk for Writing to help us to write. Over the last few weeks we have been learning about persuasive texts and planned our own writing to persuade someone to visit the Arctic!

Would you go?! Read on to see if Raainat in Acer class can persuade you!

Year 2 - Maritime Museum Visit

It’s trip time again!

Off we went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to explore the Polar Worlds exhibition. We loved looking for artefacts and answering our questions in our work booklets.

What did you enjoy the most? Thank you to any parents who helped out!