Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Mini Scientists in 'Hawchard' (Orchard and Hawthorn) Aim to Recover Materials!

Orchard and Hawthorn join together again for Part 2 of our Science investigation. 
Last week, we focused on mixing materials and creating solutions; although this week we investigated how we could recover these materials using evaporation, filtration and sieving.

We were given a sieve, filter paper, a colander and a saucepan! We had to work together to investigate which of these were suitable to separate:

- coffee & water
- sugar & water 
- salt & water
- rice & water
- sand & water 

After we had tested evaporation, filtration and sieving, we concluded which were the most suitable and fastest to separate soluble and insoluble materials. 

It was great fun testing these different separation methods and enabled us to identify whether these were reversible or irreversible changes. 

Can you predict which separation method worked best for our materials?