Monday, 12 June 2017

Nursery Acorn Class - Arts Week

We have been busy taking part in a range of art, dance, music and drama activities for Art Week. Acorn class have been inspired by the French speaking country, Seychelles.

Our art work has been linked to the work of Gerard Devoud, a Seychelles artist whose paintings depicts the beauty, culture, and everyday life of the Seychelles.

We explored different textures to                                         create our pictures to represent the sand.

We painted and stuck different sized buttons onto small canvases. These will be the bricks for our house.

Together we painted the orange roof.

We learnt to say the names of sea animals in French.

We made fishes out of clay. 

We painted 'under the sea' pictures.

We used different collage materials to create a hat for our 'Seychelles Festival.'

As part of our festival, explored making different sounds with instruments and Miss Dadds taught us some traditional Seychelles inspired dancing.
We made tropical fruit salads and they were "delicious!."