Thursday, 18 January 2018

Year 5 know their rights...DO YOU?

Year 5 have been learning about the rights they are entitled to, alongside their responsibilities. For example, we know we have the right to be loved and respected, but also know we have the responsibility to show love and respect to others. A matching activity, where we matched the rights to their responsibilities, helped us think deeper about what is expected from us too.

As a class, we selected a few rights and responsibilities to create our own class charter, which we all had to sign – including the adults!

Finally, in a column, from top to bottom, we had to order the rights from which we thought was the most important, to the least. It was certainly a struggle as we saw the importance in every single one. Therefore, some of us thought ‘out of the box’ and lined all the rights in one straight line at the top to show that they all are important in different ways.

Each class also has a specific right to focus on each month, which right are you focusing on this January?