Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Sponsor a Guide Dog - Pupil Committee

As part of our school's focus last month on the School Value, Empathy, Bannockburn shall be sponsoring the training of a guide dog through the charity, Guide Dogs UK. Guide Dogs UK provides support for blind or partially sighted people here in the UK. Part of the charities work involves the training of puppies to become guide dogs. 

On Monday's assembly Mrs Ford launched the idea of thinking about other people and some of the challenges faced everyday by people who cannot see. All the children from Reception to Year 6 were asked to think of one pupil in each year group who consistently shows empathy towards others. These pupils are to form a committee who will decide which puppy Bannockburn would like to sponsor for Guide Dogs UK. 

The committee consists of the following seven pupils:

Reception - Habib Sadiq (Apple)
Year 1 - Param Patel (Lime)
Year 2 - Aanya Patel (Sycamore)
Year 3 - Thiyana Barthipan (Hazel)
Year 4 - Natalia Mertens-Ivanoff (Oak)
Year 5 - Iqra Malik (Rowan Class)
Year 6 - Chloe Briers (Elder Class)

These are the reasons why the children were nominated by their peers,

'...is a great listener when other children are upset.'

'...for being gentle and thoughtful to all children and adults.'

'...puts other people before themselves.'

'...treats others the way they want to be treated.'

'...asks other children how they are feeling.'

'...offers to help other children when they are stuck in lessons.'

'...for showing patience and kindness to others.'