Thursday, 10 January 2019

Lion TV - Kids TV

My name is Yemi Oyefuwa and I’m writing from a London based TV Production Company called Lion TV; creators of popular shows like Horrible Histories, Homes under the Hammer and Inside the Tower of London.

We are currently making an exciting, new kids TV show for a popular children’s broadcaster. The format sees two teams of 6 compete to put on the best pop-up restaurant, with two celebrity foodies mentoring and judging their efforts in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor.  We are looking for kids aged 9-14.
I noticed that your school is registered with the Healthy Schools London Initiative and thought it’d be wise of me to see if you could possibly forward the attached flyer and application form to the students in your school, so that if they are any budding restaurateurs interested, they can be in touch or apply directly with us. I understand you won’t be able to pass me their details, but would you be happy to do the above and/or post it to your social media pages, newsletters and/or mailing lists.
The children must know each other in some capacity; for example, be from the same school or the same cooking club. We’re also happy to include extended family members or friends that attend different schools but know members within the team.  If there happens to be less than 6 students applying from your school, it’d be really helpful if you could encourage more students to apply; especially those with an interest in running their own restaurant.

We are looking for mixed groups of boys and girls. Three of the group members will be working on the restaurant floor, coming up with a pop up restaurant theme, welcoming and serving guests, as well as dealing with customers. The other three members will be creating their own menu and cooking to a high standard, under pressure, whilst remaining calm. It’s a demanding challenge so we’re looking for candidates who are capable of working independently in the kitchen or are confident when talking to adults and people.

We think this is a great opportunity for those aspiring to work in the restaurant business, so if have any specific children in mind do, please do forward them the flyer and application form so they can be in touch.  Please also pass on my details to any parent/guardian and teachers, if anyone has questions.

Have a fantastic day and please do not hesitate to contact me yourself, if you have any further questions or comments.

Warmest Regards,

Yemi Oyefuwa
Casting Producer
T: 0208 846 2041