Friday, 2 April 2021

Today is World Autism Awareness Day

This year the theme is: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World.

World Autism Awareness Day was established in 2007 by the United Nations General Assembly.

The aim is to increase awareness about autism, to help people develop knowledge about autism and deliver information on how important it is to detect an early diagnosis.

Autism affects both boys and girls, of all races, in all countries around the world. It is immensely common, which is why raising awareness of autism is essential.

Ways everyone can celebrate- 

  • Truly reflect to see how you can support people with autism in a way that changes lives.
  • Develop your understanding of autism and help to spread awareness in your communities.
  • Support a family you know whose child has autism.
  • Getting involved in events run by autism communities.
  • Listening to people you know who have autism about what it means to them.
  • Engaging in discussions with your children so that they become aware and accepting of their similarities and differences.
One way to develop your own knowledge and understanding is to watch these videos from young people explaining what it can be like to be autistic.