Sunday, 7 May 2017

Analysing language use in Year 6

As part of our Literacy learning, we have been exploring what makes effective persuasion. We read and discussed some examples of persuasive texts to identify some of the techniques that authors use.

We also listened to a speech by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, because we wanted to see how she uses language to persuade people. We identified that she used repetition a lot!

"I found her speech irritating because she was repeating herself- she wasn't saying anything new."

"I thought her vocabulary was very limited- she didn't use very many different words."

"I thought her speech didn't have very much meaning because she was repeating the same phrase and her speech was very vague."

"She kept saying 'strong and stable' because that's what she wants people to think she will provide. She used repetition but she didn't give any examples- she didn't say specifically what she would do. It made me not trust her."

"I didn't trust that she was thinking about other people- it felt like she was doing it for herself because she was just repeating the same words over and over."

"I found the way she spoke similar to Donald Trump- he repeats 'Make America great again' but he didn't say how. She used 'strong and stable' in the same way- she says it but doesn't explain how."

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