Friday, 5 May 2017

Days Out for Children with Additional Needs

As part of my role as SENCO I occasionally have the pleasure of accompanying classes on their educational trips and visits. On Thursday this week I joined the whole of the Reception Year group on their day out to Colchester Zoo.

To support the teaching team with particular needs of individual children I suggested that we put together a Social Story in advance, showing what will happen on the day. When I investigated further, I was happy to find that Colchester Zoo already had their own version available on line. Although this version was probably more suited to an older age group, we were able to adapt and make use of the story to help support children's understanding of what we might see or do on our trip to the zoo.

Colchester Zoo also have a dedicated part of their website outlining access and support for any visitors with additional needs, which certainly helped me in supporting the Reception Team on this trip.

If you are a parent or carer of a child with additional needs, planning any days out at weekends or during holiday time, you may find some of the ideas on the Scope or Skybadger websites useful. There is also lots of information and helpful advice to be found here:

Alternatively you can always come and speak with me, Mary Long (SENCO for EYFS and KS1) or any member of the Inclusion Team.