Friday, 22 June 2018

KS2 Maths Investigation- patterns and shapes

As part of our KS2 Maths Investigation week, we decided to design wall murals to brighten up the walls in the High Street site playground.

We started by learning about the names of different shapes and how we could recognise them by looking at the numbers of sides and corners. We practised describing them by playing a game called 'Shape Detectives'.

Why don't you have a try?

I have four straight sides and four corners. Two of my sides are longer than the other two. Who am I?

I have four corners and four sides. All my sides are straight and they are all the same length. Who am I?

I have one curved side and no corners. who am I?

Then we experimented with the shapes to see which ones fitted together (tessellated) well. We decided to use square mosaic tiles to create our own repeating patterns.

Our next step will be to make patterns using squares and triangles.