Monday, 11 June 2018

Year 5 - Center Parcs (DAY 1)

We arrived safely at Center Parcs and quickly organised ourselves and started exploring the site. The weather has been beautiful today. Take a look at some of the photos taken today. We will upload new photos every evening.

A message from Max to his mum - "Hi mum, i just wanted to say that I wish you were with me as you would love the water rapids, they were very relaxing and I went on the cyclone. You will not like the Cyclone because there it is really high and fast. We had bolognese and pasta for dinner. Tomorrow we will be doing raft building and testing them in the lake. After lunch we are doing indoor climbing. Bye I miss you so much. xxx"

Message from David for his mum: "Hi mum, the first day has been a hectic day already. We have already gone on a water ride which was very scary. Then we had pasta with bolognese sauce and garlic bread. Give my love to my brothers, miss you guys. xxx"