Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Year 5 Center Parcs (DAY 2)

Well, it's the end of our first full day at Center Parcs. So, far the groups have: been on a Woodland Walk with a park ranger, tried to build a raft on the lake, completed indoor climbing, had a go on the woodland wheelers, used the bikes to ride around the park, swam in the tropical water theme park and much more. 

Many children have tried something new today. Some have conquered their fear of heights, others have learnt how to ride a bicycle and a few have helped prepare a meal or even washed up for the first time!!

Please take a look at some photos to give you a taster of today's events...

A message from Arlo: To mum and dad, we have already done a lot of activities and all have been exciting. Firstly, we came in to the park and we saw the views of animals everywhere such as: deer, weasles, geese, ducks, pigeons, rabbits and even a stalk! Then we chose the lodges for groups. I got into Mr Smales' group with all my friends. We have done so many activities and its only day two when i am writing this. We have done bike riding mostly, and we go to a tropical swimming pool with palm trees everywhere and slides, such as a slide called The Cyclone and when me, Ben, David, Lyonne on and Max went down it a few times we were dizzy when there is a big unexpected drop. There were also some other slides we went on, but Cyclone was the biggest. We went indoor rock climbing on artificial rocks. We are having a great time! 
Thank you for reading this from Arlo 

More photos from DAY 2 at Center Parcs...