Friday, 8 January 2021

Home activities for learning, mental health and wellbeing.

Learning happens in so many different ways for children. 

Other than the printed learning packs and/ or online learning your children are doing, there are also other ways they can practise their skills and develop. These will also help their wellbeing and mental health.

Some activities to try-

  • Den building
  • Shoe box houses
  • Baking BBC- Top 10 easy bakes for kids
  • Build a bird house
  • Grow something Picklebums- Veggies to grow with kids
  • Make a time capsule
  • Sock ball challenges-  How many keepy uppies?  Basketball contests (using a bin or laundry basket). Bouncing them off walls. Make up your own game.

  • Collect at home maths aids, for your lessons- Smarties, Lego bricks, pasta shapes, pennies, buttons or paperclips
  • Scavenger hunts out and about or at home. Can include looking for letters in the alphabet/ colours in rainbow/ leaves all sorts of things really. 
  • Play some card games. They can practise a variety of skills, such as: patience, strategy, focus, recognising patterns with numbers and their reflexes. KIDSPOT 12-classic-card-games-to-teach-the-kids

  • Help your young children develop their communication skills.

There are lots of ideas, tips and advice at -