Monday, 18 January 2021

Speaking and listening activities

Does your child need to practice their speaking and listening skills? 

Click here- Cbeebies- Andy's sound adventures

There are videos for your child to practice their concentration skills, listening to and watching videos, and podcasts to hone their listening skills. 

Once finished (they may require more than one watch / listen) get them to tell you about it and ask them questions. Some general questions, but also some specific questions. If they cannot answer, let them watch/ listen again. They could also write a review, use it to write a report or make up a story.

Speaking and listening skills are essential for life and support your child in all aspects of their learning. 
  • Talk with you child, about anything and everything appropriate. 
  • Model good use of adventurous vocabulary and correct grammar. 
  • Read books to them, with them and let them read to you.