Monday, 18 January 2021

"I'm bored!" - Good!

Click here- Why boredom is good for your child

1. Boredom encourages imagination and creativity

2. Boredom teaches ‘grit’ and ‘resilience’ 

3. Boredom develops problem-solving skills

4. Boredom helps children form relationships

5. Boredom builds confidence

6. Boredom improves mental health

7. Boredom creates a sense of belonging

8. Boredom makes childhood happier

    They have many tips on how to encourage your child to make the best of boredom, here are just a few-
  • Give them a creative, open-ended task. 
  • Provide low-tech toys (not a SMART phone, tablet or laptop).
  • Don’t mind the mess. 

Click here- How to help your child embrace boredom

Dr Mann says-

Let them get bored – “I think that we are very much afraid that if our kids are bored, we’re failing as parents, but actually I think it’s the other way around and we’re failing as parents if we don’t let them get bored.

Limit screen time and computers – “They need real boredom time where the only thing they have to entertain themselves is their own imagination and creativity. That is something we have lost.”

Give them resources – “Dressing up stuff and things for craft - anything you can find lying around. They need to do it actively; they need to use their own imagination. This makes them more tolerant of boredom, it will help them to be able to concentrate more and to build their own creativity because I fear creativity will become stifled from them not being able to have that downtime.”