Tuesday, 19 January 2021

The Adventures of Dario - Part 1

Well done to our competition winner, Cianna! 

We hope you enjoy the first short story featuring Dario.

Dario Plants a Seed

Dario was playing in the garden when he spotted a seed lying on the path.

“I wonder what this will grow into?” he thought to himself. He found a small pot, a bag of soil and a trowel in the shed and decided he would find out.

 He pushed the tiny seed deep into the earth and sprinkled it generously with water. Dario waited and waited. He waited all day and there was no sign at all of anything growing!

“Patience, Dario,” his mother said.

 After a few more days of waiting, he finally saw a small, green shoot push its way through the soil.

“It’s growing!” Dario exclaimed in surprise. Very soon, Dario’s plant had grown even more and eventually became a beautiful, red SNAPDRAGON!

Dario felt so proud of what he had grown; he decided to find more seeds to plant so he would have even more flowers for his garden.

Can you draw a picture of Dario's garden? 

Fill your picture with as many beautiful flowers as you can and send in a picture of it to workingtogether@bannockburn.greenwich.sch.uk. 

We would love to see your efforts!