Wednesday, 20 May 2020

It’s a ‘WOW’ Wednesday this week! Year 3 Online Learning Results!

Hello Year 3,

We are missing you lots and thinking of you all!

We are so impressed with your efforts with maths and reading online this week!

Don't forget to look out each week for maths assignments and reading tasks that your teachers have set for you to do! They change every week!

Here are this week’s results... drum roll please!

Olive Class

Reading Eggs
8.4 hours online
Bronze medals for: Catherine, Light, Holly

14 hours and 16 minutes

Bronze medals for: Jack A, Amber, Shavar, Ranvir
Silver medal for: Shavar

Well done Shavar! Bronze and Silver this week! Amazing!

Walnut Class
Reading Eggs

Online learning: 8.8hours
Bronze medals for: Amelie, Lucas, Timothy

online learning: 2 hours 54 minutes
Bronze Medals for: Paul

Hazel Class

Reading Eggs
Time spent on online learning: 10hrs 2 mins
Silver medal for: Mannat
Bronze meal for: Mannat, Alizeh, Salma

Time spent on online learning: 31 hours 50 minutes!

Amazing effort Hazel! We are so proud! Mrs Oliver’s smile is so big this week!

Silver medal for: Arnav

Bronze medal for: Mannat, Tyler, Arnav, Kalpit, Alizeh, Maryam, Gauri, Aatish, William, James, Salma

Chestnut Class:

Reading Eggs
Online learning: 16.1 hours
Gold medals for: Reyash and Andrea – Well done to you both! So happy to see this!

Online learning: 10 hours 39 minutes
Bronze medals for: Sameer and Juliana

Congratulations to this week's winners who are Hazel class…again! Fantastic! Those Mathletics hours will be hard to beat!

Well done to all the children who are logging in regularly! We hope you are enjoying the online learning platforms and are accessing Times-Tables Rockstars, Mathletics and Reading Eggs with ease. 

If you have forgotten your log-ins, please let the school know by email and we will be happy to help. 

Remember, the log-ins for Mathletics and Reading Eggs should be the same!

The Year 3 Team