Friday, 29 May 2020

Year One Mathletics Update

Mathletics Update 

So this week's results are in: 

Damson Class
Nipsung has been online for 7hrs and 8mins and gained 5530 points.
Roan has been online for 3hrs and 37mins and gained 3640 points. 

Damson Class have a total of 16hrs amnd 53mins online, Well done Damson! 

Lemon Class
Avery has been online for 2hrs 16mins and gained 2490 points.
Kiara has been online for 10mins and gained 100 points.

Lemon Class have a total of 2hrs and 29mins online. 

Well done Lemon! 

Lime Class 
Sienna has been online for 47mins and gained 290 points.
Alby has been online for 25mins and gained 270 points. 

Lime Class have been online for a total of 1hr 20mins.

Well done Lime! 

Juniper Class
Samuel has been online for 2hrs and 51mins and gaind 2703 points.
Maninder has been online for 6hrs and 52mins and gained 2571 points. 

Juniper Class have been online for a total of 15hrs and 46mins.

Well done Juniper! 

Well done Year One, keep up the hard work and we will check again next week to see what you have been up to. 

Take care, stay safe and have fun! 

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