Friday, 22 May 2020

Year One Mathletics

Year One Mathletics 

So here are the results for this week Mathletics. Well done for everyone who has logged on and had a go.

Damson Class

Roan has been online for 5hrs and 29mins.
Asaru has been online 4hrs and 2mins. 

Joseph has collected 4800 points and Alisa has collected 4260.

Well done Damson class! 

Lime Class 

Sienna has been online for 47 mins and achieved 290 points. 
Alby has been online for 25mins and achieved 270 points. 

Well done Alby and Sienna!

Lemon Class 

Avery has been online for 1hr and 48mins and has achieved 2080 points. 

Well done Avery! 

Juniper Class 

Aashmeen has been online for 3hrs and 50m mins and collected 6200 points. 
Connie has been online for 2hrs and 16mins and collected 2820 points. 

Well done Connie and Aashmeen!

Overall as a year group we have used our Mathletics for 35hrs and 53mins, great job! 

Well done to all the children that have collected Silver and Bronze awards as well. 

Stay safe, 

From Mrs Lizzimore, Miss Greenwood, Mrs Sammarco and Miss Stannett-Daborn