Friday, 11 September 2020

Achievement Assemblies at Manor Way

Today on the Manor Way site each class had their own Achievement Assemblies in their classroom. Ordinarily, Achievement Assemblies are usually celebrated in the hall with the children from different year groups coming together to celebrate each other's successes. However, due to the importance of keeping everyone in school safe these assemblies will be undertaken in individual classrooms for the foreseeable future.

In today's assemblies one child from each class received a Merit Certificate in recognition of a personal achievement, such as exemplifying the School's Values or meeting a personal target. 

We also announced the house point total from this week's house points, collected from across both High Street and Manor Way sites. This week's winning house is Emerald House with 66 house points.

And finally the teachers shared the news of the class with the best attendance this week at Manor Way. Congratulations goes to Year 6 Linden with 98% attendance this week.

Please see below a selection of photos of the children who were celebrated.

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