Thursday, 10 September 2020

Bienvenue à Bannockburn - the Junior Language Challenge will be returning this year again!

 Bonjour tout le monde! 

Madame Seaton here, 

I hope you all had a safe but enjoyable Summer and are excited to be back at school! Some things might be a little different to last year but many aspects of school are staying the same - you  will have weekly French lessons, although sometimes with me in person, other times with me virtually and even some French lessons will be taught by your class teachers!

Very soon I will be organising the first stage of this year's Junior Language Challenge; last year we had 4 children progress to the final stages which was amazing - how may can we get this year? 

I am not sure what the first language will be, but in the meant time, check out this web page which gives information about the JLC and how it all works, so that as soon as registration is open for our school, I can register you if you want to take part (please note, you don't need to register yourselves - I will do all this through our school account!) and then you can get started and get learning!