Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Languages in Year 1 Lime Class

In Year 1 Lime Class have been celebrating European Day of Languages this week. We started by listening to a song that we all know, however this song was sung in many different languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian, German and English. 

We discussed the different languages that children  hear at home. The children loved sharing their ideas with each other.  Here is what some of the children said, 

"My mummy speaks French at home." Monique 

"My family speak Bulgarian." Erica 

"My mummy is from Ghana." Genesis

"I speak Punjabi with my mummy at home." Sumayyah 

"I can speak Nepali...Namaste means hello." Bianca 

Lime Class practised counting to 10 in Spanish and French. Ms Braida taught us some key words in Italian including 'house', 'hello', 'goodbye', 'cat' and 'dog'. 

We then got creative and made a poster to celebrate European Day of Languages. We are very proud of our creations. 

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