Friday, 25 September 2020

Wonder Writers in Year 1 Lime Class

This week, the children in Lime Class have been thinking of different adjectives to describe stormy weather. At the beginning of the week we listened to a video of a storm and as a class created a mind map of different adjectives. Here are some of the adjectives that we thought of:

"Scary"- Sumayyah 

"Fierce"- Theo

"Cold"- Jessie

"Terrifying"- Anishvar

"Worrying"- Jude 

"Dark"- Monique

"Loud"- Abigail 

"Powerful"- Ashley

"Wet"- Rania 

Once we had created our mind map, we then thought about how we could use these adjectives in a sentence. We have been thinking about sentences this week and are making sure that we use capital letters at the beginning of our sentences and full stops at the end. We have been practising on our whiteboards and are very proud of our writing. 

Which adjectives would you use to describe a storm? 

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