Thursday, 24 September 2020

Cave Painting in Year 5

This first half of the Autumn Term, we are learning all about the Stone Age. In our Art lessons, we have been looking at cave paintings from the Stone Age. We have learnt that Stone Age people drew about what they had done, which was mainly hunting and gathering as a community. Stone Age people did not have language like we do so they used cave paintings to communicate with each other. We discussed how Stone Age people painting and what tools they would've used to do so. 

We visited the Forest School to create our own painting implements out of a natural resources. We used sticks, twigs, hay, twine, grass, leaves and stems to create our very own paint brushes.

Then, we used our natural, hand-made paintbrushes to create our very own cave paintings inspired by the Stone Age cave art. We found various ways to paint, such as: 

- using the hay / grass side of our paintbrushes 

- using the stick 

- using leaves to smudge 

- using our fingers

We created some fantastic Art and were really proud of our work!