Friday, 23 October 2020

Drawing different types of hair in Year 5 Maple Class

How many different hair styles can you name? 

How many different hair styles have you tried to draw? 

Today, we learnt how to draw Afro hair then had a go at drawing different types of hair by adding texture with a range of lines. We drew braids, plaits, fringes, short hair, shaven hair, Afro hair, straight hair, curly hair and - the one we found the hardest - hair in a pony tail! 

We now feel more equipped to draw a life-like self portrait of ourselves and can’t wait to use our new skills to make our portraits more realistic. 

If you would like to have a go at drawing Afro hair, follow the steps below: 

First, create a hair line with small, light curved lines. 

Next, create the outline of the Afro with the same small, light curved lines. 

Then, add texture to the hair by adding curly lines inside the Afro. This will act as the curls. 

Now, you can use horizontal and diagonal lines to cross hatch. This adds fullness and thickness to the Afro. 

Finally, colour the hair to match your own hair colour.