Friday, 16 October 2020

Movement and Music with Year 1 (Lime Class)

This week in P.E., Lime Class enjoyed listening to some Autumnal music. 

Firstly, they listened to the music and discussed with the child next to them how it made them feel. They then stood up and moved their body in response to the music. All their movements were gentle and calm. 

A lot of the children were imagining being autumn leaves that were falling from the trees. We had lots of twirling and leaping.  

The children then got themselves into partners, labelling themselves numbers one and two. 

Each child took it in turns to think of some actions to the music while the other partner mirrored their movements. We then switched places so each child had a turn at thinking about the movements and imitating their partner. 

Each group was able to showcase their sequence of movements to the rest of the class. We shared all the things we liked about each others movements. We had lots of fun!

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