Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Parachutes with Year 1 Lime Class!

During the last week before the half term break in Lime Class, we were excited because we were making our own parachutes. 

Firstly, we thought about the best materials to use for our parachutes. We needed them to be waterproof so on Monday tested some materials to see whether they absorbed the water. From the experiment, we agreed that plastic would be the best material to use. We wanted the material to be waterproof and lightweight so it would float down to the ground. 

We then began designing our parachute. We drew a picture and thought about the materials we were going to use and how we were going to make them. We had so much fun making them! We made sure to cut equal pieces of string and tied them to each corner of the plastic. We used scissors and masking tape to help us. Once the string had been knotted together, we attached our person to the end. We loved playing with the parachutes outside and watching them float to the bottom. 

What material would you use for your parachute?