Friday, 11 December 2020

Computing with Year 1 Lime Class

Year 1 Lime Class enjoyed their Computing lesson this week as they explored what a search engine is using the iPads. 

As a class we discussed what a search engine is and most of the children were able to tell me that Google was a search engine and could identify the Google Chrome icon at the bottom of the page. 

Before we started exploring, we discussed the importance of staying safe on the internet, therefore we used Kiddle, which is a search engine and online encyclopedia emphasising safety for young children. The class were shown how to type Kiddle into the search bar and how to load it. 

In Geography, we have been learning about homes, so as a class we typed homes into the search engine and clicked on the image tab at the top. We loved seeing the different types of homes all around the world. 

When it was the children's time to explore, they really enjoyed looking at topics that are of interest to them. These included space, wild animals, dinosaurs, the jungle and transport. Lime Tree were very sensible when exploring the iPads and were able to use the search engine independently.