Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

To support our mental health and wellbeing, we link with The Children's Health Project, to share ideas of activities that can be done at home.


Below are three BIG questions. You need to choose just ONE of them.

First of all, consider what your answer might be to this BIG question.

Then, ask your friends and family what their opinions are. Gather lots of people's opinions about this BIG question.

Finally, reflect on your own opinion again - have other people's thoughts, changed your opinion?

What's your answer to the BIG question now?

Question 1 - If you were in charge of the country, how would you ensure people felt

well physically and mentally?

Question 2 - If someone is feeling low in energy, and not very happy, what would

you suggest they did over the course of a week to feel better?

Question 3 - What could you do now to help yourself live a healthier and happier life

when you’re 100 years old?


Click here to watch a rest and relaxation journaling video

Now try and answer these questions-

Why do the body and mind need to rest and relax?

Does anything make resting and relaxing difficult for you?

Can you describe a few things you do to rest and relax?

Write about these.....OR.....draw about these.