Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Having fun investigating in school - Do the children with the longest legs jump the furthest?

Today we worked together to carry out an investigation in our class bubble.

Our investigation question was ‘Do the children with the longest legs jump the furthest?’

We had to make a prediction first to explain what we thought would happen. Then we followed the method carefully to make sure it was a fair test. 


1. Measure how long each child’s legs are and record. 

2. Each child must then stand behind the line and jump as far as you can!

3. Measure how far each child could jump using a measuring tape. 

4. Record how far in a table for each child. 

To make it fair we ensured we started in the same place measured from the same spot and jumped in the same way.

It was great fun. What do you think we found out?