Monday, 8 February 2021

PERFECT Publishing - Year 4

Year 4 have really impressed their teachers over the last few weeks with their AMAZING published reports. Over the last few weeks, in our English lessons, we have been learning about prehistoric animals.

The children have researched different prehistoric beasts including the woolly rhino, woolly mammoth, mastodon, sabre tooth tiger and the megatherium (a giant sloth from prehistoric times!) Then they chose an animal to focus on for their own report.

After writing their introductions and their sections of information, the children were challenged to publish their writing. Miss Bethell shared an example and the year fours were encouraged to try their best. 

Check out their amazing attempts below.

Miss Bethell's example

What superstar writers!

Rebecca's Report 

Holly's Report

Jack's Report

Ranbir's Report

Ranvir's Report

Alexander's Report

Gurtaran's Report

Giullia's Report

Amelie's Report

Aatish's Report

Megan's Report

Afifa's Report

Kaden's Report

Lhayang's Report

Poppy's Report

Reyash's Report

Tyler's Report

Zion's Report

Harvey's Report