Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Year 6 Poetry

Our Year 6 students have written some fantastically creative poems this week, inspired by a range of poems they've read in online classes. 
We hope you enjoy reading some of their work!

Black (inspired by Wendy Cope) by Bolu

I am a black person.
I am very well respected.
Am I black?
I am a well very respected person.
Am I a respected person?
I am very well black.
I am a respected person.
I am very well black.
Black respected!
I am, I am very person
Person I am, I am respected.
Very black.
Am black?
I-I am very respected person.
Black I am.
I am very respected person.
Person I am.
Very black. Am I respected?

Holiday by Safal

I don’t want to forget when I finally met my cousin
We went mosquito hunting; I felt happy.
I don’t remember the warmth of my great-great grandma though she will always be in my heart
or the sound of goats from my grandpas’ farm
or the taste of a mango ice lolly
or the feeling of swimming in a pool
or the waterfalls with rushed rapidly
I don’t want to remember the sound of a sword swishing through a goat
or the puddle of blood
or the head that I showed to the baby goats. 

I don't remember by Na'Tori

I don’t remember opening my eyes for the first time
or the first time my mum held me
or how I looked when I was younger
or how I felt when I finally got out of the hospital
but these are all memories no one would remember.
I don’t remember my first time meeting my best friend
or seeing my mum cry for the first time
or even losing my brother ( I wasn’t even alive then).
 If I did remember them they would be valuable but I guess everything happens for a reason
Sometimes it even comes with mistakes.

Born by Jasmine

I don't remember when I was born
I don't remember how it felt when I first felt connection with my mother
I don't remember when I almost died and survived
I don't remember last seeing my best friend before I left her
I don't remember what I did 9 years ago
I don't remember last seeing my worst nightmare.

My poem for love by Upasana

Love is a bird 
It has wings 
It has warmth 
Of course, it has feathers 
All love birds have wings, warmth and feathers 
The warm feel of love gets you boiling
The wings make us fly to find love 
Feathers of love makes us feel safe that we are loved 
Love is a bird that makes us fly high
If we love and we can be warm and have wings 
A bird is full of love 
And love is a bird with wings 
Warmth and 
Love is a bird

Love by Mitchell
She smells like roses in a field on a summer day.
Love tastes like honey trickling down my throat. 
She sounds like the beach, so tranquil
She feels so warm like a winter night  by the fireplace.
Love lives deep inside my heart.

Love is like a fox by Tahiru
Love is like a fox. At first sight, you think they are amazing, special, unique and beautiful so you start to do helpful things like feeding them to show how much you admire  and appreciate them.

Next thing you know, they bite your hand and never come back as if they were using you the whole time. They may look like angels but their souls are demons. 

Love is a fox. They may have amazing traits but soon their love-sucking fangs will come in and scar you for life. They may come to your house everyday but that doesn’t mean they are thankful.  Never take anything for granted foolish fox. That’s why you should always be careful who you trust: next thing you know they're going to different houses.

Fear by Zain
Fear is a spider
Fear never leaves you alone
Fear makes a shiver down your spine
Fear will take over from the inside out
Fear has its perks.
It predicts you; it will learn you.
Fear has its legs climbing and taking over.
Fear is an annoying insect (parasite) which will be the one to make you move.

Love by Neriah
Love is something you can play with,
Love is something you can play with,
You can roll it around and break it apart,
Love is solid,
It is a very competitive game,
Love is a process in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air,
It is a piece of ground adjoining a house,
Love is a small coloured rubber bag
which is inflated with air and then sealed,
Love can carry passengers,
It is a small hole in a needle
through which the thread is passed,
But the most important thing is that love is love.

Anger by William
Anger is a thermometer.
It can go up or down.
Although it goes up,
it will eventually go down.
Anger is loud at most times
but it becomes Joy, and then,
Joy turns into peace and 
peace is who you want to be.

Sadness by Dylan
Sadness is like water
Wet, cold and blue
Sadness is deep, dark and blue

I remember by Mei-Li
I remember going to the park in the warm summer air with my friends and playing with the swings.
I remember having a little nibble of mac and cheese and then feeling funny, later, I vomited inside the swimming pool after school.
I remember when I was little, I was wearing a gorgeous white dress for a wonderful wedding.
I remember my first day of school finding my friends and exploring my classroom.
I remember when my little brother was born and I was full of joy because that meant I was not alone anymore with just my parents.

I remember by Amaniah
I remember the feeling of joy and happiness the night before my 8th birthday
I remember the icy air of the night kissing my skin frequently
I remember the taste of sugary sweets on my tongue and enjoying the smiles of my smaller siblings
I remember the sound of chatter of people and rustle of items, pushing themselves out of the tiny plastic bags
I remember my thoughts just as I went to bed: yummy sweets!