Thursday, 25 February 2021

World Book Day Letter



It’s that time of year again where we come together and celebrate everything there is to love about books, reading, stories and imagination. This year, although times are different, we would still love you to get involved both at home and online.

Please see below a list of activities that you can enjoy at home with your children during the week, as well as details of activities that children can take part in on the day, Thursday 4th March.

Activities you can do at home to celebrate World Book Day: Monday 1st March –Friday 5th March

1.      Act out your favourite story with your family members. 

2.      Design a new book cover for your favourite book.

3.      Host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and bring a book along.

4.      Create a soundtrack to a reading. This can be a short story of performance poem.  Add sound effects or music to create mood.

5.      Listen to an audio book and let your imagination run away with you. The platform Audible ( is currently letting you read and listen for free!

6.      Make your own bookmark inspired by a poem or non-fiction text that you love.

7.      Swap a book with someone in your home. What do they think of the book you chose for them?

8.     Take part in a Readathon with your family. Add up how long each person reads for during the week.

9.     Write your own book review. These would be fab to share on the blog and you may even inspire someone to read your book!

10.  Try writing some fan-fiction. Fan-fiction is writing by fans of a book that use some of the original characters, settings or storylines. For example, you could write your own story about Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Or you could imagine what would happen if characters from different books met each other - do you think Percy Jackson and Matilda would like each other? What adventures could they have?

11. February 27th was 'Share a Million Stories Day' and, to celebrate this, we would love you to read stories to either your siblings or adults during World Book Week . Take a photo of you sharing your story and post it in your Google Classroom or please send via by Friday 5th March. Your photo will be added to the blog!

12. Cook, bake or make something that has inspired from a book. Perhaps you could make Peter Rabbit Salad, Fat Cat’s Pizza Quesadilla, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe Turkish delight or Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Find many more tasty ideas using the link below.

13.  Visit the link below to find free audio books, author and illustrator video master classes, story craft ideas and many more.

World Book Day online activities: Thursday 4th March

  1. Dress up as you favourite book character or simply turn up in your cosiest pyjamas. The choice is yours.
  2. Look out for activities and events that your teacher has planned on your Google Classroom stream.

As always, each child will receive a £1 book token which they can use to buy many of the £1 books on offer this World Book Day. Children will receive their token during their first week back at school commencing Monday 8th March.