Friday, 10 July 2020

6A Descriptive Writing

In English, Group 6A here in school have been thinking about how to create convincing descriptions using figurative language.

These are some of the descriptions they wrote:

As she walked across the golden sand, she could hear the hullabaloo of children chattering away. The cerulean ocean’s waves crashed onto shore and swept against her feet. As she carefully got in for a swim, the baby blue water slid through her soft fingers. The smell of the salty sea made her think of the day she had gone swimming for the first time. The warm breath of the gentle breeze danced through the air; the sky reflected her body on the sea.

By Nana

The dove-white snow glistened while Sylvie’s shoes crunched through it sporadically. The cold breeze brushed against her cheek as the beautiful cheeps of little baby birds echoed across the snowy woods. Like a shy child, a deer hid quietly behind the trees. Snowflakes whirled elegantly; crystalized icicles formed on branches. The trees’ arched branches were a shelter for her head.

By Araba

The crisp snow crunched beneath her feet as she picked her way through the frost. The deadly breath of the breeze screamed through the trees as the emerald leaves kissed the sun goodbye and fell to the ground. The mid-winter air sliced through her nostrils like knives. With a crack down the middle, the lake was a mirror reflecting the fiery sun. Blazing and searing, the scorching sun began to set in the clear, cerulean sky; the reflection disappeared.

By Renee

The deserted, abandoned house was surrounded by swampy, green water. The birds were like humans stealing from the haunted building. Shark fins pointed out of the water as the sharks circled, ready to have their dinner. Startled, the grotesque crows sit on top of the creepy, malevolent house and lay their eggs. The powerful wind pulled the house as it tried to stay on its feet.

By Fred

As the blazing sunrise awakened, its flame gazed across crusty, melting sludge that filled the cold forest. The gentle breeze whispered as it danced in harmony with everything around the cobalt sky. The furious rising sun glistened on the crystalline lake like a lightbulb reflecting in a mirror. A majestic deer galloped through the frostbitten woods: it was the king of the forest. As the sun rose fully, chirping signalled the start of a new age of birds.

By Ben