Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Junior Language Challenge 2019-2020 - what a year!

Each year children from Bannockburn  take part in the Junior Language Challenge.

This competition, known as the JLC, invites children from Key Stage 2 to play online language games using the Utalk website and app, where they compete to earn points as their language skills improve.

Each year we do very well and, whilst this year the JLC did not run as it usually does (without the live finals and very tense atmospheres!), we have had some amazing achievements in the competition.

This year we had 4 children make it to the final rounds: Natalia and Karan (Year 6), Eryk (Year 4) and Amber (Year 3). A record number of other children entered this year and took part in Round 1; each entry costs £5 with the money going to the charity 1Billion, so we raised a huge amount of money by entering too!

Mrs Seaton will be making contact with all those who have won one of these 3 prizes for their efforts:
  • Bronze Certificates: as congratulations for becoming a Regional Finalist.
  • Silver Certificates: for our Finalist Champions, who gained full marks for their Round Two language. They will also be awarded 2,500 uCoins, to be used to unlock the topics and languages of their choice.
  • Gold Certificates: for those children who managed to gain full marks in both Round One and Round Two. For this incredible achievement, these Champions of Champions will be rewarded with a Gold Certificate and 10,000 uCoins to be used on the uTalk app as they wish.
If you think you might be one of the lucky ones who has earned a certificate (or maybe even some uCoins to spend on your future language learning!) then get in touch with Mrs Seaton via the learning toegther email address and she will send you more information about how to claim your prize.

Well done to everyone who took part this year and if you want to take part next year, speak to Mrs Seaton in September when she has more information.