Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Year 1 Mathletics scores in 3..2..1..

Year 1 Mathletics Scores!


Damson Class
Top Points:
Joseph: 6,426 points 
Felix: 2,590 points

Most time:
Joseph: 6hrs 22mins
Felix: 3hrs 8mins

Lime Class 
Top Points:
Gurleen: 2,620 points 
Leroy: 2,020 points

Most time:
Gurleen: 3hrs 
Sienna: 1hrs 46mins

Lemon Class
Top Points:
Austin: 5,810 points 
Madina: 2,580 points

Most time:
Madina: 5hrs 33mins
Austin: 3hrs 58mins

Juniper Class
Top Points:
Aashmeen: 3,150 points
Sarah: 3,078 points 

Most time:
Sarah: 6hrs 8mins
Uttkrisht: 2hrs 56mins

Yet again, another brilliant week! Next week we will be revealing the medal positions, so keep going and let's see if you can earn gold, silver or bronze!