Friday, 10 July 2020

Next year- transition

In the 'Parents- Transition' section on the website, you will find information and activities for all the children, as well as more specific information for those moving from Nursery (at Manor Way) to Reception (at High Street), Year 2 (at High Street) to Year 3 (at Manor Way) and for those in Year 6 leaving Bannockburn for their secondary schools.

For children in Nursery to Year 5 there are also individual class booklets. These show which entrances to use, the classroom, the toilets, the playground and the lunch hall for each class, including a photo and message from the teacher. 

You will find a letter, saying which class your child will join in September when you collect this years report and summer learning packs. If you are unable to collect the report pack, you will still receive an email with your child's class for September.

The individual class booklets can be found at the bottom of the page underneath their learning, in 'Working Together- Year ?'

An example below with part of Acer class booklet.