Friday, 27 November 2020

Christmas Card Competition

Calling all keen Bannockburn artists!

We have had an invitation from our local MP for Erith and Thamesmead, Abena Oppong-Asare, to join the Christmas Card competition that she has organised entitled, 'Portraits of Key Workers: Caring as a Calling’. The winning prize will be your artwork printed onto the cover of her official Christmas card as well as prizes for runners-up. 

Ms Oppong-Asare has requested that local schoolchildren should enter 'drawings of key workers which the children have a relationship with (e.g. it may be someone they know personally like their teacher or parent, or it could be someone that they may not know personally such as their bus driver or shopkeeper). Alongside the drawing, I would love a few sentences about the key worker and why they are special to the child. The artwork will be assessed by a judging panel and, should circumstances allow it, we are also planning to organise an exhibition of the artwork in the Houses of Parliament.'

The criteria to enter the competition is as follows:

1. The artwork must be A4 size (including the pupil’s name, age, class & school).

2. It must feature a Key Worker and be accompanied with a few sentences describing who the Key Worker is and why they are special to the child.

3. Pupils or teachers must scan or take a photo of the artwork and send via email to:

4. Submissions must be received by noon on Wednesday 2nd December.

5. In addition to the main prize, the winner and two runners up will receive book vouchers and a special gift from the House of Commons.

If you would like to enter this exciting competition, please either send your entry directly to the email address above, or if you prefer, you can send your entry into the school email address where we can forward it on for you. The school email address is

We hope you enjoy taking part!

Good Luck!

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