Friday, 13 November 2020

Fun Phonics in Year 1!

The children in Lime Class (Year 1) have been working really hard on their Phonics this week. We have been learning lots of new tricky words. We practise writing them onto our boards, in a sentence and recognising them in different books and text in the classroom. 

This week we have been learning the different ways to write the same digraph. Our focus has been (ai, ay and a-e). We are able to write different words containing this digraph, as well as sentences. 

Our sentence formation is improving too as we are remembering to use capital letters at the beginning of our sentence, finger spaces between each word and a full stop at the end. 

As part of our early morning work, we have been using our robot arms to segment and blend different words with this digraph and using them to make up our own sentences. We are very proud of our learning this week. 

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