Saturday, 21 November 2020

Year 1 (Lime Class) get creative with clay!

Today, Lime Class used clay to design their transport for the future. For the past week we have been thinking about what type of transport we want to create that does not exist yet. We each created a design booklet where we wrote down the equipment we would need and then drew a picture of our design that we could refer to when using the clay. 

Firstly, we explored the clay by manipulating it into different shapes. We then practised joining two pieces together by scoring the clay. After, we used our design booklet to make our transport for the future. Some of the ideas the children came up with include a flying bus, a flying motorbike, a glow in the dark scooter, a car that travels under the sea and an aeroplane that can sail on the sea. 

We really enjoyed our Art lesson today and now look forward for our creations to dry so we can paint them. 

What piece of transport would you design?