Thursday, 5 November 2020

Greenwich School Sports Partnership Virtual League

We have joined other schools in Greenwich borough to participate in a virtual sports league. As we currently cannot compete against other schools face-to-face, the Greenwich School Sports Partnership have created a virtual league. Throughout each half term they set competitions and challenges to complete within school. For each competition and challenge you complete, you win points. The school with the most points at the end of each half term will be rewarded with a certificate and prize.

Bannockburn finished in first place for the first half term! Competitions we completed during the first half of the Autumn Term included the Key Stage 1 Tennis Shuttle Runs. Children had to place four tennis balls on top of cones in the fastest time possible. Two children from each class were presented with a certificate for the fastest times recorded. 

We also promote ‘The Daily Mile’ across the school. We encourage the children to run one mile each day as research shows this has a positive impact on the children's wellbeing and learning. Find out more information about ‘The Daily Mile’: .

 Could you complete a daily mile as a family each day?