Friday, 27 November 2020

Mobility in Year 5 Maple Class

In our PE lessons, we have been learning a variety of mobility/ yoga poses and stretches. 

We started by learning a range of poses, categorising them into different groups based on the height level of the pose. 

Pupils then worked as a small group to create a sequence of stretches, taking a pose from each group to ensure our sequence had variety. 

In the follow lesson, the pupils learnt three different roles and discussed how they would smoothly fit in to their sequences. They then added two roles into their sequence to help them transition from one pose to the next. 

After practising the sequence and how to instruct others to do the poses, pupils then showcased their sequence to the rest of the class whilst they followed.  

Finally, pupils assessed each other on their demonstrations, verbal instructions and knowledge of the pose/ stretch.