Friday, 27 November 2020

No Pencil Day in Year 5 Maple Class

Yesterday, we celebrated No Pen(cil) Day in Year 5 Maple Class. We spent the day deep in discussion, getting creative and exercising! 

Instead of our usual early morning work, this morning, pupils were given a limited range of resources such as card, paper, rope and glitter and were told to get creative! They had just 20 minutes to create their very own Grendel’s Lair (from the text Beowulf) using whatever they had on their desk. 

Next, we had PE where we continued to develop our badminton skills. This week, we got the nets out and practised serving the shuttlecock over the net using the grips we had previously learnt. 

We then completed our Daily Mile and not a single pupil stopped - we were very proud of that achievement.

Once back in the classroom, we had a discussion about the language used to describe Grendel’s lair in our Guided Reading lesson. We are really enjoying describing the sickening swamp and the sea-serpents. 

We had our Art lesson where we continued our learning about the famous artist, Keith Haring. 

Today, we created our very own stamp using foam board. We used our stick figures from last week, drew them onto the foam board and then carefully cut the stamp out. Once cut out, we repeated the process so we had two identical foam stick figures. Finally, we attached the foam to a piece of card to create a stamp. We will be using these next week to create our own art work. 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon discussing art in worship. We shared our own experiences of the artwork found in places of worship and discussed how particular religious art work is important to us. To finish our day, we created our own mosaic- inspired sketches.  




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