Friday, 5 March 2021

An Anthology of Poems by Year 1 Lemon Class


An anthology of Year 1 Lemon Class poems from this week

Walking through London

The birds go tweet tweet tweet,

The people go chat chat chat

I turn around and a cyclist goes splat splat splat

The drawbridge goes creek and clack as the boats 

swish and swash  passed the houses of Parliament

By Alexiea


Walking through London

Beep. Beep, beep goes the red bus

Swish, swish goes the wiper

Ding, ding goes the bicycle

Chop, chop goes the flying helicopter

Mew, mew goes the angry car

By Thiloojan


The Playground

I like playing in the peaceful playground,

and swooshing swiftly on the swings.

I like playing in the popular playground,

and speeding down the slippery slide.

I like playing in the pretty playground,

and zipping and zooming on the zip wire.

I like playing in the pleasant playground,

and crawling carefully along the cold climbing frame.

By Ava


The Amazing Bus.

The amazing, awesome bus.

It drives down Drury lane,

Red, running on the road.

Big, bouncy, black wheels,

People, passengers, picking them up.

Double decker, dashing around London.

The amazing, awesome bus.

By Zachary


A Little Seed

A little seed for me to sow  

A little seed I make grow

A little hole, a little pat

A little wish, and that is it

A little sun, a little water 

A little while later

You get a flower!

By Manveer


Lovely Park

Lovely playing park

Slippery speedy slide

Big bouncy ball

Swishy swashy swing

By Bevan

Lovely London

London is lovely and lively,

full of pretty people, palaces and parks!

The big busses go beep beep beep,

The big Ben bangs bang bang bang!

The London Eye spins steadily and slowly’

The Tower Bridge is tall and thrilling!

The Buckingham Palace is bright and beautiful,

I like lovely London!

By Kranti


My Sister

My sister talks a lot like a radio,

Her hugs are as warm as a my blanket

My sister is as funny as a clown

Her jokes are as funny as a comedian

My sister’s hair is as soft as cotton wool

It’s big and curly like a lion’s mane.

By Aaliyah