Friday, 19 March 2021

Design Technology in Year 5

During lockdown, Year 5 enjoyed reading the story Letters from the Lighthouse. Inspired by this, we are now going to design and make our own lighthouses. 

This week in Design Technology, Year 5 studied the purpose and design of some of the world's most famous lighthouses. We discussed how their colour is determined by their surroundings. If they are red and white, that is to make them stand out against a light background; if they are white or pale in colour, it makes them stand out against a dark background. We also learnt that the reason that they are often circular in shape is because this design allows them to withstand pressure from high winds and heavy rain. 

After being inspired by lighthouse designs from around the world, the children planned their own lighthouses that they will make using cardboard and paper. We then discussed how we need to include a light at the top of our lighthouse and amended our designs to include an electrical circuit with a light. 

Next week, we will create the main body of the lighthouse. Stand by for pictures of our creations.