Monday, 29 March 2021

Peacefulness in Year 5 #re #religiouseducation

 This term, we have been learning all about Peacefulness. 

We started the term by discussing what Peace means to us, here are some of the responses:

"Peace to me is being with my family." 

"I find peace in my Church. We pray and sing songs which helps to make me feel peaceful."

"I am peaceful when I spend time with my pets."

"I listen to slow, calm music which helps to make me feel peaceful."

"Going to the mosque to pray makes me feel at peace."

We then looked at global issues which directly impact peacefulness. We learnt about displaced people and the Global Peace Index; this helped us to understand how peacefulness can be affected. 

We have also studied two significant figures: Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi. 

When learning about how MLK used peacefulness to support his cause, we discussed and responded to a range of quotes (see images below). We also discussed how the Bible and Christian faith was an important driving force in King's work. 

Finally, we have also been learning about Gandhi; we learnt about his concept of Ahimsa which is a philosophy based on peace. As part of our learning, we responded to national and worldwide issues (gender pay gap, BLM and Indian farmer protests) from the perspective of Gandhi. We learnt about ways in which people can fight inequalities and injustices through peaceful means, such as:

- strikes

- protests 

- conversations / education 

- vigils

Next week, we will be learning about how peace is representing in the Islamic faith.