Friday, 19 March 2021

Explanation Writing - Year 5

Year 5 are beginning their new unit of work in English - explanation writing. Next week, we will be writing explanations about how our chosen spy gadget works. In order to show our teachers which explanation features we can already use, we wrote explanation texts about the life cycle of these fictional animals! Have a go yourself - we did a great job at making each other laugh while thinking of ideas!

"I liked mixing the life cycles of mammals and amphibians for my creature."

"I decided to make my Hippogriph lay eggs into a fire. I wrote a paragraph about this part of the life cycle."

"I remembered to include a heading, subheadings, opening paragraph and time adverbials. I will need to practise using technical vocabulary."

A Waddlebrock

A Fluffgraw

A Hippogrif