Thursday, 25 June 2020



Hello children! Mrs Bird has a BIG QUESTION for you to think about this week! I will be blogging some questions to make your brain go 'ouch' over the summer! Make sure you take a look and have a chat with your family at home - do you all feel the same?

Mrs Bird’s ‘Big Question’

Could you pretend to love someone? If you were good at it, would they ever know you were just pretending?

Discuss this with your family members at home! Remember it is ok to agree or disagree. Say what you think and your reasons why and explain your opinions. You could even write your opinions down as a reflection. Or draw your thoughts on a mind map! Does anybody else’s opinion make you have different thoughts?

Things to think about:
What is love? What does real love look like?
What if everyone was pretending? Can you really pretend? Why might someone pretend?
Is it possible to show love but not mean it? Would you rather have real love or pretend love? Why?

I would love to hear some of your opinions and thoughts! Please email me your ideas to:

Sending you and your families lots of love and hoping we will all see each other really soon!

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