Saturday, 27 June 2020

Inspirational Art in 6A and 6B

Class 6A and 6B have been using Chuck Close as inspiration for their most recent art project.

Chuck close used individual squares of colour to create his masterpieces. When viewed closely, each square seems to be singular and abstract. However, when each square is pieced together and viewed from afar, the abstract squares form uniform, highly realistic portraits.

We started by distinguishing between light and dark tones and decided to use dark colours on the areas that need to be grey and bright, vibrant colours on the lighter areas.

Once coloured, we added texture to our square. We did this by drawing different types of lines and shapes, remembering to ensure the dark parts remained dark and the light parts were bright.

When we had finished, we pieced each square together to form the face of an inspirational person.

Can you tell who it is?

The portrait is of Nelson Mandela, who was a famous political activist in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

Can you find out 10 facts about Nelson Mandela?